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Thanks for visiting my website and giving me the opportunity to serve you!

Just a few of some of the other services we provide are:
  • ALL TYPES OF HOME REPAIRS   WE DO A LOT MORE THAN  PAINTING! Whatever type of home repairs, handyman or carpenter services you need, we can provide.  
  • HANDYMAN SERVICE  Carpenter work,drywall repairs, mirrors ,pictures,etc.
  • CARPENTRY    Excellent carpenter.   Crown moulding, replace doors ,facia/soffits,  decks,  shelves, rotten wood replacement,etc.
  • RESTORATION WORK We have restored several old homes over the years including one from the 1850's. Reglaze old windows with period glass, match histioric paint colors, replace old wood and trim.  Clean and repair hardware if possible. 
  •  ROOF COATINGS AND METAL ROOF REPAIRS These metal roof coatings are more durable than  exterior painting,these high performance roof coating are designed to withstand  the harsh exterior weather of rain, wind and hot /cold temperature changes.  We normally replace all the old screws with larger ones if necessary then patch or replace any bad roof panels,patch holes or bad joints. Remove all mildew and thoroughly pressure wash the surface and then apply a variety of roof coatings including elastomeric, fibred aluminum, DTM, or any other roof coating you specify. We also can install if needed, any new roof vents, skylights ,etc.
  • DRYWALL   Drywall replacement and repairs due to mildew, water and any other type of damage.
  • TEXTURE   We are experts at matching different types of texture or changing your texture to something new and different to suit your needs. We do spray, roll and hand-troweled textures.
  • WALLPAPER REMOVAL  Wallpaper removal can sometimes be a very tedious process and if it doesn't come off right away  we can also prime and paint over the existing wallpaper if you want.  
  • KITCHEN, BATH & GARAGE MAKEOVERS     Refinish or repaint cabinets,  new hardware,  tile floors, counter-tops, crown moulding,shelves,etc.  Whatever you want to do!
  •  DOOR REFINISHING If your door isn't too bad, normally we can just sand and revarnish. If it's in worse condition we may have to do some repairs,strip the old finsh,then restain and revarnish. Don't worry. Whatever condition your door is in in, we can handle it!   
  • PRESSURE WASHING  If we're painting the exterior or you just need your house cleaned, no problem. We'll even Windex the windows,clean out the gutters,wash sidewalks and driveways if you want.   
  • EPOXIES, SPECIALTY AND OTHER TYPES OF INDUSTRIAL COATINGS   If you have a particular surface(concrete,steel,galvinzed,wood,etc.) that needs a special type of coating,give me a call for a free estimate and consultation. I have over 6yrs. experience with all types of industrial coatings and can usually help you get exactly what you need.
  • I'VE been in the PAINTING and HOME REPAIR business a long time and can handle most any type of project that you need done or refer you to other qualified people. 
  • DO-IT-YOURSELFER?   Call me and I will answer all your questions to the best of my ability!  FREE!
  • OUR PRIMARY SERVICE AREA  includes Katy, Fulshear-Simonton, Richmond, Sugarland, SW Houston,Brenham and Bellville. For an additional fee we will travel to almost anywhere. 



Give me a call for your free estimate at:
713- 515-4674  

Thanks again,
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